On the Rocks - Community Art Project - Submissions Open


The ‘On the Rocks’ Community Art Project is designed to bring creatives from across the Lake and beyond together to demonstrate the role and importance of protecting our environment. This poem gifted to the community by Linda Visman, was selected by the Fellowship of Australian Writers – Lake Macquarie Branch in response to a challenge to honour the environment with wonder and awe.


On the Rocks

There are scribble patterns

on the small rock pool’s sandy bottom,

where sea water is warmed by a winter sun.

Slow-moving shellfish, like half-marbles

in black or white or zebra-striped,

in their confused nutrient wanderings,

have woven lines that twist and tangle

and seem to go nowhere.


Plankton, barely seen by human eye,

swim and creep and crawl, on guard

against darting minnows –

the big fish in this miniature pond.

Tiny crabs dart beneath rock overhangs,

knowing that death lurks

in every movement from above.


Soon, the tide will turn, battering

the almost-still life into wakefulness;

fresh, cold waters flushing out the old

and bringing in the new;

oxygen, nourishment,

more inhabitants to scribble in the sand.

And so it will continue,

tangled patterns of life renewed

tide after tide, as it has been forever.


Call for Submissions
We now invite the community to create their own response to this poem using any artistic medium. For example: paint, sculpture, ceramics, pottery, floral art, dance, puppetry, embroidery, textile, cartoon, comic etc…

Completed works will be exhibited at Toronto Library as part of the Launchpad@Lake Mac Libraries programs from 6 August to 8 October, celebrating Living Smart Festival.

Submissions will be accepted until 5 July.

Registration process
Artists must complete and submit the registration form by Tuesday 5 July 2022 to be considered for inclusion in the exhibition.

We will confirm if your artwork has been accepted by Thursday 14 July 2022.

Registration is free and open to all community members.
Artworks may be created by an individual or a group.
Artworks must be original work by the artist(s) and not infringe any copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights or any third party.
The exhibition is open to community members from across the region, but preference will be given to Lake Macquarie residents if required.

The artworks may be 3D (sculptural), 2D (imagery), functional objects (e.g. furniture, wearable items etc), digital or can be a performance.

  • All artworks must occupy a floor or wall area no larger than 1 square metre or equivalent.
  • Freestanding works should be no heavier than 20kg.
  • All artworks must be sturdy so as to avoid risk of collapse or being easily knocked over.
  • Hanging artworks should be no heavier than 10kg.
  • Hanging artworks must include a device suitable for hanging against a wall (eg. a suitable cord or wire with two flat D-rings on the back of the artwork).
  • Please note that the exhibition spaces are not always directly monitored by staff.
  • We will not be able to accept artworks designed to hang from the ceiling.

Performance works
Those submitting performing art works – dance, spoken word, song or audio visual displays etc, will be given the chance to perform these works at a dedicated ‘on the rocks’ event on Saturday 17 September at Toronto Library.

Key dates

  • Tuesday 5 July: Artwork registrations close
  • Thursday 14 July: Notice to successful artists
  • Friday 29 July: Artworks completed. Images and Artwork Information submitted.
  • Saturday 6 August: Artwork delivered to Toronto Library
  • Monday 8 August to Friday 7 October: On the Rocks Exhibition
  • Saturday 17 September: On the rocks event at Toronto Library
  • Saturday 8 October: Artworks collected from exhibition venues 

Exhibition Details

  • The exhibition will be located at Toronto Library Pemell St Toronto. The artist/group is responsible for the transport and collection of their artworks on the designated days.
  • Lake Macquarie City Council accept no responsibility for any loss or damage that occurs.
  • the Exhibition is in a public space without specialised security and with human comfort climate control.
  • Lake Macquarie City Council ensures that all reasonable care will be given to works during install and display.
  • Lake Macquarie City Council does not provide additional insurance cover for works on display. 


Toronto Library, Corner Brighton Avenue and Pemell Street, Toronto 2283  View in Google Maps

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