Rhyme Time Treats

In support of our Read and Rhyme program delivered at branches for 1 – 3 year olds, Rhyme Time Treats is a sweet collection of 8 short online segments presented by Lake Mac Libraries staff. They feature a mix of fun rhymes, songs and a short board book each relating to a theme – perfect for introducing your little one to literacy. 

Rhyme Time Treats - Aussie Animals

Crikey Charlie..!! Karen the Koala and her library gals are having a hoot as they chew some leaves and whistle some tunes about her Aussie Animal mates, with a story called “My First Book of Aussie Animals:



Rhyme Time Treats - Bedtime

Grab your pillow and snuggle up tight for some dreamy songs and rhymes to help you get ready for bed… just like the baby in our story “Where is Baby?”



Rhyme Time Treats - Bodies

Gerard Lapin and his friends at the library touch their toes and wiggle their nose as they sing some ballads about bodies and read a story called “Moving Your Body”



Rhyme Time Treats - Farm

Join Ricky the Rooster and his friends for some fun on the farm, singing songs and rhymes and reading about “A  Chicken who lost her egg”.



Rhyme Time Treats - Happy Days

A happy day is always a great day. Let’s shake, rattle and roll to some favourite fun rhymes and songs, and read our story called “Happy Days”



Rhyme Time Treats - In the Sea

Dive deep and swim with Ollie the Octopus as he swishes and sings with fishes and things… including a “Mermaid who lost her Pearls” 



Rhyme Time Treats - Jungle

Manuel the Monkey and his friends have a swinging great time through the jungle trees. Join them for some jungle ‘jollies’ and “Growl like a Tiger” in a story all  about animal sounds.



Rhyme Time Treats - Transport

Let’s travel all over the countryside as we sing some songs and rhymes all about planes, trains & automobiles. Remember to “Buckle up Safe” in our story.



This video has been produced in accordance with the  COVID-19 outbreak special arrangement agreement for school Storytime and book readings. The Australian Publishers Association (APA), the Australian Society of Authors (ASA) and the National Copyright Unit (NCU) for Australian Schools determined “for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic, Australian children’s books can be read online by Teachers and Teacher Librarians without the need for specific copyright permission or payment.”