Story Snacks Online

Can’t come to the library? We will come to you!  Lake Mac Story Snacks are bite-sized Storytime sessions that bring the joy of reading to you no matter where you are.

Story Snacks - Colour

Can you sing a rainbow ? Sandy has lots of colourful fun for Storytime today.

Story Snacks - Digital Stories

So many fun stories to find on our library website… Let’s listen to Ben as he tells us all about digital books (& some elephants).


Story Snacks - Dogs

 What do you call a dog that can’t bark ?... A ‘hushhh puppy’. Let’s have some barking fun with Jacqui for a Storytime all about dogs.


Story Snacks - Aussie Animals

G’day kids ! Are you ready for some hullabaloo with ‘emu’ and ‘kangaroo’ ? Let’s have some fair dinkum fun with Jeanette and our Aussie Animals.


Story Snacks - Spooky

 Spooky surprises are hiding in the pages of these scary stories. Let’s shake our sillies with Kelly.


Story Snacks - Bedtime

Time for teddies to be tucked into bed. Enjoy this sweet Storytime with Loraine.

Story Snacks - Birds

Sweet tweets and birdsong to share with ‘Daisy’ for Storytime today.


Story Snacks - Love You

Who do you love…? What makes you happy…? Snuggle in to enjoy this love-ly Storytime with Sandy.

Story Snacks - Dragons

 Do you believe in dragons…? Jacqui does. Let’s find some dragons with Jacqui in this adventurous Storytime.


Story Snacks - Feelings and Friends

 Happy, sad…tired or mad – no matter how you’re feeling, Jeanette is here to bring you an awesome Storytime about the joy of friendship.

Story Snacks - Bugs

 Bugs and Slugs – Bees in Trees ! Kelly and Sylvia have a scrumptious Storytime just for you.

Story Snacks - Puppets

Puppets are a fun way to help tell a story. Lots of puppets help Loraine with this cute Storytime.


A visit to the Rover

Have you ever seen a library with wheels and a horn? Join Ben and Zannia for a visit to The Rover.



This video has been produced in accordance with the  COVID-19 outbreak special arrangement agreement for school Storytime and book readings. The Australian Publishers Association (APA), the Australian Society of Authors (ASA) and the National Copyright Unit (NCU) for Australian Schools determined “for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic, Australian children’s books can be read online by Teachers and Teacher Librarians without the need for specific copyright permission or payment.”