Fees and Charges

Fees and charges are effective 01 July 2015 - 30 June 2016. A complete list of all Lake Mac Libraries fees and charges 2015-2016 is available at Lake Macquarie City Council Fees and Charges.

If you have any questions about our fees and charges please contact your local branch or send us an email.

Overdue Items


Fee per item per day (from 8th day after due date) $0.20
Maximum overdue fee per item $10.00

Note: Fee charged per item per day from 8th day after due date
Note: No fee applies for juniors, Institutions or Home Library
Note: Depending upon the balance of outstanding fees, borrowing privileges  may be withdrawn

General Library fees


Lost card $4.60
Inter-Library Loan
(Does not include any additional costs which may be passed onto council)
Computer Items Market Price
Inter-Library Loan - Special needs patrons No charge, except those levied by the lending body

Lost and Damaged Items


Lost or Damaged Item Excluded GST catalogue item price
Inserts - AV material $2.50
Replacement Spoken Word CDs - each $18.00



Black and White - A3 Size $0.50
Black and White - A4 Size $0.20
Colour - A3 Size $2.50
Colour - A4 Size $1.20
3D Printing - per 10 minutes print time (or part thereof) $1.10

Fax Service


1800 Numbers - per page $2.00
International - first page $6.00
International - other pages $2.00
Local - first page (including 1300 numbers) $2.00
Local - other pages (including 1300 numbers) $1.00
Other STD's - first page $4.00
Other STD's - other pages $1.50
Receiving faxes - per page $1.00