Monday 2 September


Professor Lyndall Ryan
Truth telling the Past: How Digital Mapping can record colonial frontier massacre sites across
Australia In her talk Professor Lyndall Ryan will discuss the origins of the digital Frontier Massacre Maps project, demonstrate how the map works and show how it offers a new perspective on Australia’s colonial past.
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Christine Bramble
Snapshots of Art Deco in the Hunter Region
See photographs of iconic and everyday Hunter region buildings from the collection of photographs created by the late John Bramble. See civic, industrial and domestic examples of local Art Deco architecture and style, some now lost to the streetscape or modified significantly. The presentation will look at context and how the Art Deco style reflected the times.
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Jessica North, Esther Mary Hoban, Karen Crofts  
PANEL DISCUSSION: Hidden in History: discovering extraordinary women in Australian history
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Jan Mitchell
A Cruising Memoir – Book Launch
Join local author Jan Mitchell for the launch of the third volume of her cruising memoir Hear the Ocean Sing. Jan describes her family cruises navigating coral reefs and tropical destinations and south to the Southern Ocean. She demonstrates that with persistence and determination ordinary people may do extraordinary things.
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Tania Blanchard, Anna O'Grady, Jaye Ford
Based on family history: Suitcase of Dreams
Family history, and the life of Tania Blanchard’s own German grandmother during WW2 and later migration to Australia, inform her best-selling novels Suitcase of Dreams and A Girl from Munich. Tania Blanchard discovered her grandmother's hidden past in Nazi Germany revealed, after her death, through documents, letters and photographs. Tania's first novel , A Girl from Munich was inspired by her grandmother's story and her new novel Suitcase of Dreams is based on her grandmother's arrival in Australia in 1956 full of hope for a new life.
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Dr Sacha Davis
Germanness in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie: Past and present
An exploration of Newcastle and Lake Macquarie’s German heritage in the past and present as seen by the (grand)children of German-speaking migrants. Presented by Sacha Davis, based on research by Sacha E. Davis and Jaime W Hunt, University of Newcastle drawing on oral history interviews that reveal stories of displacement, flight and migration and establishing a new home in Australia. Light supper provided
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