Genealogy at Home

Published on 24 March 2020


Family history is a fascinating and rewarding pastime. And with many of us spending more time at home, there’s never been a better time to start tracing your family tree.

The Library provides free access to the major genealogy databases Ancestry and Findmypast. 

Ready to get started? We’re here to help.

Our community history team have put together some handy guides to help you research genealogy while at home.

Access the resources below to start researching today. We’ll regularly add new content to this page so stay tuned for more information on exploring genealogy!

If you need additional help, email our Community History staff at [email protected]

Genealogy at Home Activities

Activity 1 - Getting Started

Activity 2 - Keeping track

Activity 3 - Births, Deaths and Marriages (Part I)

Activity 4 - Births, Deaths and Marriages (Part II)

Activity 5 - Births, Deaths and Marriages in England and Wales

Activity 6 - Births, Deaths and Marriages in Scotland

Activity 7 - Births, Deaths and Marriages in Ireland

Activity 8 - UK Census records

Activity 9 - Assisted Immigrants

Activity 10 - Fare Paying Passengers

Activity 11 - Convicts

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