Lake Mac Seed Library


From March, Cardiff Library is pleased to host a branch of Lake Mac Seed Library in partnership with Southlake Community Services. Lake Mac seed Library is a community seed sharing initiative that allows members to ‘borrow’ various fruit, vegetable and flower seeds from the library, and return some seeds at the end of their crop for others to enjoy.

Members of Lake Mac Libraries can now access the seed library from Cardiff Library. Seeds can be borrowed, planted and enjoyed. The idea is to leave a portion of the crop to go to seed, harvest and dry the seeds, returning them to the Seed Library for others to borrow and to grow.

All seed donations are welcome and can be returned to Cardiff Library or to the Southlakes Multi-Purpose Centre at Morisset. You can also sign up to be a member of Lake Mac Seed Library and be part of regular seed exchange events.

The Current range of seeds available from Cardiff Library:

Gramma pumpkin
Climbing bean wellington wonder
Jarradale pumpkin
Ethoipian cabbage
French dwarf marigold
African marigold
Long green okra                    
Yakumo giant climbing snow pea
Spaghetti squash
Chinese cabbage
Red amaranth
Butternut Pumpkin
Bush Beans – green 
Sweet Pea

Cardiff Library is located on the corner Main and Macquarie roads, Cardiff 2285