History Illuminated

19 – 28 November 2021

History’s time to shine.

Presented by Lake Mac Libraries, the 2021 History Illuminated Festival explores how histories can strengthen the way we connect, learn from one another and share our lived experiences across our communities. We focus on the importance of uncovering, capturing and sharing histories of people, place and environment.

The program features workshops, presentations and exhibitions that highlight local, national, and international historical facts and fiction, research, art and writing.

We invite you to join us at the following events and workshops as we bring history to the forefront to preserve our past and learn for the future.


Self-led Digital Walking tour - Warners Bay Heritage Walk

Using the digital map tool below, you can explore the area’s fascinating past, see what Lake Macquarie was like 250 years ago, and learn about some of the characters whose names live on in the streets and places around us. Follow along in real life by walking the route.  Warners Bay Heritage Walk - Lake Macquarie - City Council