Library Self-Access

A new self-access service is now available at Cardiff Library, kuram, Speers Point Library, milyaba, Sugar Valley Library Museum, kirantakamyari and Wangi Library Creative Hub, wanji wanji.

Self-access allows members to visit and use library services outside of regular staffed hours. These venues offer self-access daily from 7am-7pm.

This new initiative provides Lake Mac Libraries members with greater flexibility and additional opportunities to access our services.

Services available with self-access:

• Browse, borrow and return items
• Pick-up reservations
• Public PCs and Wi-Fi
• Printing and photocopying

Getting started with self-access

Self-access is available for Lake Mac Libraries members only. Users can join the library by visiting any of our branches or by signing up online.

Existing members can apply for self-access by registering for an induction session below at Cardiff Library, Speers Point Library and Sugar Valley Library Museum, kirantakamyari

Members can register for self-access at Wangi Library Creative Hub in person during regular staffed hours.

Once induction has been completed, members will then be able to access a designated library outside of regular staffed hours.

Terms and conditions apply. Borrowers must accept the terms and conditions listed below for self-access requests to be considered.

For assistance with self-access please phone 4921 0111 or email [email protected].

Terms and conditions

1. Self-service access is a free service available to approved Lake Mac Libraries customers over the age of 18.

2. Legal Guardians of 12-17 year-old persons must give their consent and signature for their child’s self-service access**
( ** currently available at Wangi Library Creative Hub only).

3. Legal Guardians acknowledge and accept that unsupervised children can be at risk in any public place including libraries. Library staff do not supervise children and there is a risk that unattended children may leave the Library at any time and expose themselves to various risks, including but not limited to hurting themselves or being approached by strangers.

4. You will require your library card to swipe into the building. You may not share your card with others.

5. In the event you lose your library card, you must notify a member of staff at any of our branches or via telephone on (02) 4921 0111. If you fail to notify us of the theft or loss your card, you may be held responsible for persons with unauthorised use of your card.

6. You must not use your card to grant access to any person other than a minor in your care if you are over 18 years of age. This condition does not apply to customers aged 12-17 years old.

7. Self-service access has defined hours which are available on our website. You must vacate the premises before closing time. The building has a security alarm which is active after closing time and will be activated should it detect any motion.

8. Entry to the building during self-service hours may be suspended if:

  • you have outstanding fees owing of $10 or more;
  • you do not comply with these terms and conditions; or
  • you do not comply with Lake Mac Libraries Customer Charter.

    9. At all times, you must:
  • respect other Library users;
  • respect the property of the premises;
  • follow borrowing and returning protocols;
  • not smoke or drink alcohol inside the Library, or within 10 metres of the entry doors;
  • take responsibility for your own safety, safety of anyone under your care and personal property; and
  • follow the safety procedures as described in the induction material.

10. Lake Mac Libraries use active CCTV for the safety of readers and visitors, as well as in circumstances where verification is required. By signing these terms and conditions, you give your consent and understand that you may be filmed upon using the facility. Lake Mac Libraries will only use and store your image in accordance with our Privacy Statement and CCTV Policy (on our website), in accordance with NSW Privacy Legislation.

11. By signing up to this service, you agree for Lake Macquarie City Council to store your personal information in our system, and use it in accordance with NSW Privacy Legislation.

12. Use of the premises is at your own risk and to the extent permitted by law, you release Council and its employees, agents and representatives from any and all liability, claims, damage, loss, cost or expense you may incur.

13. If you have a debilitating health issue, we recommend someone accompany you during self-access.

You must accept these terms for your request to be considered.

Frequently asked questions

Where is self-access available?

Self-access is available at Cardiff Library, Speers Point Library and Wangi Library Creative Hub.

Approved members can only access one nominated located as part of self access.

Who is eligible for self-access?

Self-access is available for approved Lake Mac Libraries members aged 18 years and over. Borrowers aged 12-17 can apply for self-access at Wangi Library Creative Hub with consent from a legal guardian.

Members are required to accept the self-access terms and conditions before being approved.

How do I sign up for self-access?

Eligible library members must attend an induction session with a Lake Mac Libraries staff member at Cardiff Library, Speers Point Library or Wangi Library Creative Hub. Induction sessions are scheduled regularly and can be booked online via eventbrite. 

Induction sessions provide members with an understanding of how self-access works, their responsibilities and the support measures in place.

This project is funded by the NSW Government with assistance from the State Library of NSW.