Author Talk Natalie Isaacs - Every Woman's Guide to Saving the Planet


IMPORTANT - All welcome. Whilst this book explores the role of women as change makers the content and discussion is relevant to all.

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About the Book

When it came to climate change, Natalie Isaacs used to think it was someone else's issue. After all, what can one person do to make a difference? Then she cut her electricity bill by 20 per cent and saw how much money and pollution she'd saved. Feeling empowered, she embraced action instead of apathy and changed her life. She has never looked back.

In Every Woman's Guide to Saving the Planet, Natalie shares her journey from from climate bystander to international campaigner.

With handy toolkits packed full of practical how-to's, Every Woman's Guide to Saving the Planet will get you started on your own climate action journey. Natalie's message is simple: never underestimate the power you have to fight climate crisis. You just need to act.


About the Author

Natalie Isaacs is the founder and CEO of 1 Million Women, a global movement of women and girls who take practical action to fight climate change by changing the way they live.

A former cosmetics manufacturer, Natalie realised that individual action is a powerful path to solving the climate crisis. She decided to leave behind the overpackaged world of skin and beauty care to create an organisation that inspires and empowers women to act.

Under Natalie's leadership, 1 Million Women has become one of Australia's largest networks acting on climate change. The Australian Geographic society's 2017 Conservationist of Year, Natalie delivers a simple message that resonates with women and girls of all ages, cutting through complexity with the story of her climate journey from apathy to action. She is a pioneer in the gender and climate change arena in Australia, and is recognised and supported by some of the world's most influential women climate leaders.



  • Wednesday, 04 November 2020 | 07:30 PM - 08:30 PM