Sugar Valley Library Museum, kirantakamyari

Sugar Valley Library Museum, kirantakamyari is a new co-located library and museum in Cameron Park.

The facility provides an engaging, innovative space where people can come together to learn, create and connect.

The library offers a contemporary service for visitors with a multimedia and tech space, a workshop area and a dedicated children's zone.

The museum, the first of its kind in Lake Macquarie, showcases the rich history of West Wallsend with the inaugural exhibition Westy: we built this history.

Developed in conjunction with the West Wallsend District Heritage Group, the exhibition presents the story of the region through enticing and immersive experiences, and objects portraying the life and times of this unique township.

About Sugar Valley Library Museum, kirantakamyari

The word kirantakamyari means “North Creek” in Awabakal and refers to the traditional name of the Cameron Park area. kirantakamyari is also the cultural name given to Sugar Valley Library Museum.

You can listen to the cultural name of the venue in the player below.


Dhumaan ngayin ngarrakalu kirraanan barayidin

We remember and respect the Ancestors who cared for and nurtured this Country.

Ngarrakalumba yuludaka bibayilin barayida baaduka

It is in their footsteps that we travel these lands and waters.

Lake Macquarie City Council dhumaan Awabakala ngarrakal yalawaa, yalawan, yalawanan

Lake Macquarie City Council acknowledges the Awabakal people and Elders past, present and future.

Cultural information provided by Miromaa Aboriginal Language and Technology Centre.